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Bastra Daan

We distribute used clothes (those can be used again) from the donor to the needy one’s.

Orphan Assist

We help to them, those who don’t have the care or guidance from their parents.

Uniof vidya

Our Education Scholarship Campaign is for the benefit of needy, meritorious students.

Knockdown Hunger

Food is a necessity for living. We provide food or related items to people in need.

Green Earth

UNIOF is focused to make this planet greener by planting and protecting trees.

Animal Help

We help to feed, rescue and treatment for street animals including dogs, cats, cows, etc.


Our research team is monitoring global issues and publishing reports periodically.

Medical Assistance

This Campaign assists needy patients, suffering critical illness and need support for treatment.

Our Knockdown Hunger campaign has successfully fed over 30,000 people in need in the past three years, particularly in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Through our Bastra Daan campaign, we have collected and re-distributed over 5,000 used, usable clothes to those who can’t afford them. 

During Covid we have conducted Internship Program to 250+ students, in various sectors like Social Work, Digital Marketing, Content Writing to empower the youngers.


Our mission is to provide the best services.

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